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CD Financial has specialized in working with federal employees for more than 15 years. Our objective is to educate and enlighten you about your federal benefits package and to guide you in creating a well-formed retirement income plan.

We bring these goals to fruition using our Charted Retirement Course CRC process.


Charted Retirement Course CRC process

During this process, you will learn how to:

  • Integrate your CSRS and FERS pensions with Social Security to potentially increase retirement income
  • Select election options for your FEGLI
  • Utilize your TSP to provide additional retirement income for both you and your spouse
  • Effectively integrate your spouse’s retirement benefits with your own
  • Structure TSP & other investments to weather any market storm
  • Create a Social Security Maximization Plan for you and your spouse
  • Reduce income taxes on pension, investment, and Social Security income

We take pride in helping federal employees maximize their federal benefits to reach their ultimate retirement goals. CD Financial is uniquely aligned with the federal employee. We not only understand the FERS and CSRS retirement systems and benefits, but also understand the mentality, fears and anxieties, as well as the hopes and dreams faced by many federal employees.

You may feel overwhelmed with the complexities of your benefits and situation, but the best thing to do is start right here. Make that phone call, click that visit button, set up a Zoom or office visit, and let us look at your situation.

We will calculate your pension based on your information and explain the costs of survivor benefits. We can run multiple scenarios on retirement pension and TSP amounts this year, or delaying retirement, for your overall income plan before and after taxes.

Most importantly, though, we can help you visualize one of the biggest concerns you may have in retirement: Are you going to have to change your lifestyle? We can help you determine what your income will look like in retirement, from all sources, and take steps so you can maintain your current lifestyle, and possibly never outlive your money.

One of the things we hear consistently from our clients is how much better they feel after walking through this process. It is a genuine privilege to help our clients create their very own Charted Retirement Course CRC plan. We weave all the pieces together to clarify and create a lifelong strategy.

You will know you have someone in your corner who is always looking out for your best interests.

When we’re done planning, we always love seeing the smiling faces of families we have helped, knowing they have a plan. You will know you have someone in your corner.

And that’s what we do at CD Financial, every single day, for every individual federal employee.

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